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When you're on an island with 365 strands of sand, life's a beach.

Admiral Horatio Nelson knew what he was doing when he lived at English Harbor in Antigua from 1784 through 1787. Sure, the island was a naval post for the British. But it's hard to believe the admiral never dipped his toes into the powder-blue waters that surround it. The island is less than half the size of Chicago. With 365 small beaches all around it, it would take superhuman strength to fight the temptation.

Lucky for you, the accommodations today are far better than during the admiral's time. Excellent resorts, fine food, and all the amenities you could want are at your command. VIVA Travel will make sure, you have the perfect base for whatever island exploration you have in mind.

Down here you could spend the entire time in the water and no one would blame you. But if the mood strikes, visit Nelson's Dockyard. It was built in 1725. And it's the only existing Georgian naval dockyard in the world. Or take a ride down Fig Tree Drive. (FYI - down here they call bananas figs.) And this beautiful country road winds through banana plants, as well as mango and papaya trees. Or stop by St. John the Divine Cathedral and check out the amazing brass chandelier.

Other things to do:

  • Explore the city of St. John
  • Step back in time at the Antigua & Barbuda Museum
  • Visit the historic buildings at Redcliffe quay
  • See the remains of Antigua's sugar mills
  • Discover historic windmills

Temperatures range from 75ºF (25°C) to 85ºF (28°C)- 

Time Zone: 

Atlantic Standard Time, GMT -4




Eastern Caribbean Dollar (XCD). US Dollars (USD), traveler’s checks and major credit cards are welcome everywhere.


110-220 volts. Most hotels have both voltages available.

Tipping Customs: 

Service charges are often 10%. It is customary to leave an additional 5% in restaurants. 


Antigua & Barbuda are relatively crime free. We still recommend exercising precaution. Do not leave valuables unattended or in plain sight. 

Communication & Technology: 

Wi-Fi is readily available throughout the country. Mobile operators include Digicel and Lime.


Smoking is not permitted at the airport, even outside. 

Travel Documentation: 

US, Canadian and U.K. citizens need a valid passport or original or certified birth certificate. US residents and others should contact the nearest tourist office for requirements.


V.C. Bird International Airport (ANU)

Car Rental: 

Renting a car is an ideal way to explore Antigua. The cost is about $40-50 USD per day. In addition to a valid driver's license from your country of residence, or an international driver's license, a permit to drive in Antigua is required. The rental agency can assist you in getting this temporary license, which costs approximately $20 USD and is valid for three months. 

Public Transportation: 

Taxis & buses are common modes of transportation.