Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Fantasy becomes reality in the UAE.

Combine unbridled wealth and a firm commitment to show the world what a premier vacation destination really looks like and you’ve got Dubai. This is a place that makes its own palm-tree shaped islands and boasts some of the world’s most stunning beach resorts, cosmopolitan architecture and feats of advanced engineering.

Take the elevator up to the top of the The Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest skyscraper (featuring an awe-inspiring restaurant and bar on the 122nd floor). Do a little snow skiing in the heart of the desert compliments of Ski Dubai, the city’s man-made indoor mountain. For all you shopping enthusiasts, it doesn’t get any grander than the Dubai Mall, the largest in the world by total area. Indeed, few things seem beyond the realm of possibility in Dubai. Here are a few more staggeringly fun facts about Dubai.

  • Dubai has a crime rate of 0%. It is one of the safest cities on the planet.
  • Dubai is the fastest-growing city on earth.
  • The city boasts several man-made islands, the largest being Palm Jumeriah, featuring a stunning resort.
  • Camel racing with tiny robot jockeys is one of the most popular sports in the UAE.
  • Dubai is currently in the process of building a climate controlled “city within a city” which will be more than twice the size of Monaco.

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Temperatures range from 15°C (57°F) to 44°C (106°F).

Time Zone: 

Gulf Standard Time, GSI


Arabic is the official language but English is most commonly spoken.


Arab Emirate Dirham (AED)


220-240 volts. Travelers from the US and Canada will need an adapter and a step down converter for a hair dryer.  

Tipping Customs: 

Tipping is not expected but is common practice. Most restaurants add a service charge of 10%. If the charge is not included, add 10% to your bill.


Dubai is generally safe for travelers, however women traveling alone may be targeted. Local laws tend to penalize the victim, even with prison sentences.

Communication & Technology: 

WiFi is widely available and there are many free hotspots.

Service providers are Du and Etisalal.


Smoking is not permitted in government facilities, offices, malls and shops. 

Travel Documentation: 

All US citizens must have a round-trip ticket and a passport valid for more than six months.


Dubai International Airport (DXB)

Car Rental: 

Major car rental companies are available at all three Dubai International Airport terminals.

Public Transportation: 

Dubai's local public transport is operated by the Roads & Transport Authority and consists of the Dubai metro, buses, water buses and abras (water taxis).