Middle East

Middle East

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A part of the world where "epic" is not an overstatement.

Ancient lands. Biblical cities. Legendary bodies of water. The Middle East is the beginning of everything. Even the Garden of Eden is believed to be here. This is the land that gave us prophets, disciples, apostles, and parables. A land of miracles. And mysteries. Equally presenting a feast for the eyes, and food for the soul.

A journey to the Middle East is as much inward as it is outward. A time for discovery and self-awareness. A way to experience places you've known since you were little. Cities like Bethlehem, Jerusalem, Mecca. If you don't get goose bumps, you're not paying attention.

There are sprawling deserts in the Middle East like the Sahara, but also palm-laden beaches along many coasts. There are sacred mountains like Sinai. And man-made mountains called pyramids. There's the Dead Sea where it's almost impossible to sink. And the lost city of Petra, carved into pink-color rocks, almost impossible to leave.

The Middle East will draw you, haunt you, change you, and steal your heart. It will inspire you, reward you, fulfill you, and open your eyes. If you only travel once, travel here. It's epic.

VIVA Travel's Middle Eastern Countries

  • Egypt
  • Israel
  • Jordan
  • Turkey
  • United Arab Emirates
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