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Oceania is a region of the world unlike any other, where nations are connected not by land, but by the sparkling blue waters of the Pacific Ocean. However, you can find every other type of landscape imaginable here, from sweeping deserts to towering mountains and volcanoes to lush rainforests, and everything in between.

Australia is a continent unto itself, and as such offers a plethora of terrains and regions to discover. The middle of the continent is mostly covered by the Outback, a vast red desert covered with rock formations and teeming with animal life. Along the coasts, you’ll find miles of pristine beaches and cosmopolitan cities such as Sydney, known for it’s crown jewel, the Sydney Opera House. Of course, the Great Barrier Reef offers snorkeling and scuba for which there is no comparison.

New Zealand has earned the nickname “Middle Earth,” and with good reason. This country could easily be located in a fantasy world, where dragons and elves roam the land. It is truly an adventurer’s paradise. Hike the snow-capped mountains or the dense rainforests below, zipline through the breathtaking canyons and valleys, and swim with sharks and whale watch along the beautiful coast. These are experiences that will be impossible to forget and leave you craving more. Strap on your adventure shoes, because you’re in for a thrilling experience!

Destination - Oceania

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Welcome to Middle Earth. You'd be amazed at how much of New Zealand you've already seen, but didn't know it. The country's magical mountains, stunning valleys and vast golden plains provided the setting for both the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit trilogies. Add the...