Japan: Tour - October 19-27 2017

Japan: Tour - October 19-27 2017

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VIVA Travel Tour, JAPAN October 19 - 27 2017

VIVA Travel invites you to Japan!!! This is a 9 day tour in which we will travel to the land of the Rising Sun, land of the ancient samurai, we will visit the cities of Tokyo, Nagoya, Kyoto, and Osaka. included in this tour also includes visits to Mount Fuji, the Toyota Museum in Nagoya and the city of Kawaguchico, as well as many of the temples in the area. this will be a journey that will leave many pleasant memories so don't miss it.
The departure date is October 19 to 27, and the package includes Air Ticket Osaka-Miami Miami-Tokio and back as well as transfers from the airport to the hotel, breakfast and dinner in the places that we visit, all inclusive low the same price. Call VIVA Travel for more information and to reserve your space, don't wait any longer!!


Itinerary: JAPAN (9 days)



Day  1 - October 19, Thursday, Miami-Tokyo


Flight from Miami to Tokyo. Your international flight includes dinner and entertainment.



Day  2 - October 20, Friday, Tokyo

Welcome to Japan! Transport from airport to your Hotel. Rest of the day is free. Hotel Lodging.



Day  3 - October 21, Saturday / Tokyo

(Breakfast & Dinner).


Free Day. At the end of the afternoon we are going to immerse ourselves in this fascinating country by riding the metro (tickets included) to the Shinjuku district. You will see the masses of people using state-of-the-art and effective public transportation; in Shinjuku we will find one of the areas with abundant nightlife.


We will visit The Tokyo Metropolitan Tower, from where in the 46th floor; we will have a fantastic view of the city. We will have a welcome dinner at a local restaurant. Return to the hotel.



Day  4- October 22, Sunday / TokYo

(Breakfast & Dinner).


In the morning we will take a long visit with our guide for about five hours in this stunning city. Its frenetic activity, its neighborhoods. We will pass by the walls and gardens of the Imperial Palace. We will visit the Meiji Shinto Shrine, dedicated to the spirits of the Emperor Meiji and his wife. In the Yasukuni Jinja we will reflect on peace, this sanctuary was built in memory of the 2.5 million Japanese killed in the Second World War, if you wish, you will be able to visit the war museum.


We will visit the Akihabara district, known as “the electric city” the center of the Japanese Manga and Anime creation; we will pass next to the Kokugikan Sumo Stadium, the Japanese national sport. We will also visit the Sensoji Buddhist Temple, the oldest and most important temple in Tokyo, with its 55-meter high pagodas. Free time at Asakusa traditional neighborhood, which is full of commercial life. Lunch at local restaurant.

Free afternoon.



Day  5 - October 23, Monday / TOKYO - MOUNT FUJI - KAWAGUCHIKO (Breakfast & Dinner).


We travel to the beautiful Mount Fuji area. On the route we will appreciate its Beautiful landscapes. KAWAGUCHIKO, we come to this idyllic city of small houses, flowers and mountains with its beautiful lake. When we arrive, we will visit the Fuji Sengen Shrine, in this magical place, between tall trees, was were the traditional pilgrimage to Mount Fuji started.  We will give thanks at the Shrine for visiting this place steeped in magic. After that we will ride the cable car to mount Tenjo, with spectacular views over the neighboring lakes and Mount Fuji. Afterwards we will take a  boat ride on the lake of Kawaguchico.


After lunch we begin the climb to Mount Fuji by road and it will takes us to the “Fifth Season” among spectacular forests and views we arrive at the height of 2305 meters. Note: In the winter, the route is often closed due to snow or other reasons climatological hazards; at that time we will go to the point that we are authorized.


Back to Kawaguchico, you will still have time for a stroll next to the lake. We will stay at a Ryokan (a traditional Japanese hotel), enjoy your Onsen (public bath). Traditional Japanese dinner included.



Day 6 - October 24, Tuesday / KAWAGUCHIKO- IYASI NO SATO  NENBA- TOYOTA-  NAGOYA (Breakfast & Dinner).


In the morning, following the beautiful road that outlines lakes we will arrive at IYASHI NO SATO NENBA, this small town was destroyed by a typhoon in 1966; he was subsequently recovered as an open air living museum of a traditional village in the mountains. Its typical houses have been transformed into craft shops, restaurants, and traditional museums. After that we will visit Shiraito Falls, considered one of the most beautiful of Japan, measuring 150 meters. Lunch is included in the service area. We will continue subsequently to Nagoya, Japan’s third largest city, located next to the Pacific Ocean; here we will visit the TOYOTA MOTOR COMPANY MUSEUM, an essential place to visit if you are a fan of automobiles.



Day  7- October 25, Wednesday /  NAGOYA- KIOTO


Only 130 km separate us from Kyoto. We leave early and we will have the whole day in the city that was the japan’s capital from the year 794 up to 1868 was host the to the Imperial Court. This city, during the second world war, was the only major Japanese city that not was bombed, for that reason it retains its rich artistic heritage; in the Kyoto Protocol was signed in 1997, this treaty seeks to limit emissions of greenhouse gases. We will include a visit to the main points of the city. We will visit the wonderful Fushimi Inari Shinto Shrine, the Imperial Palace and the Kinkakuji temple, “The Golden Pavilion” with its magnificent gardens. After a while we will take a walk to Gion, the traditional neighborhood full of life and see its popular Geishas. Free time.



Day  8-  October 26, Thursday / KIOTO- NARA- OSAKA  (Breakfast & Lunch).


We will begin the day exploring the outskirts of Kyoto to Arashiyama, cross the Togetsukyo Bridge, which means “bridge that crosses the Moon”, from where you can admire a wonderful panorama. We will visit Tenryuji, one of the “five great Zen temples of Kyoto”, a Patrimony of Humanity by UNESCO, then we will cross a mystical bamboo forest. Afterwards we will head to NARA, were we will visit the Todaiji Temple, a magnificent Buddhist temple built in 752, with it’s giant Buddha and you will find it deligthful to photograph, pet and feed the fawns who walk with you in the park. Lunch at local restaurant. After it we will go to the buddhist temple of HORYUJI, patrimony of the humanity, a complex that brings together seminaries, monasteries and temples, its main temple pagoda is one of the oldest wooden buildings in the world, it’s considered to be the oldest Buddhist temple in Japan and is an important place of worship. We continue to Osaka, arriving in the early afternoon. Stayig in this modern city, the second in Japan, free time.  In the evening a stroll through Dotonbori, a neighborhood full of lights and  night life.



Day  9- October 27, Friday / OSAKA  (Breakfast).

After breakfast, trip to the airport.  Fligth back to Miami


$3699 Double Occupancy
Taxes Included